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Supporting Your Website:

Supporting every business to make the most out of their online presence.

While maintenance packages are available with RE:Web Services, for businesses that want to learn how to use all the features available for yourself, a support package may be the best solution.

Do you want to know how to access your websites analytics and understand how that information can be used to monitor performance and make changes? Do you want to know how to make those changes to your own website? Is adding new products available for sale proving difficult? Whatever you want to tackle, supporting businesses to improve their websites is what RE:Web Services is all about and giving you the tools to support yourself is just as important as doing it for you. 

No more call queues, no more 2-4 day lead times on an email response, no automated services, no trawling through forums and blogs. Speak to a human when your problem arises, and learn how to fix it for yourself next time.

Whether it's a quick call to guide you through a feature or a day working together to get you up to speed with some online housekeeping - developing your own skills is a great way to keep your website supported.

Some of the topics we can work through together include:

  • Adding and managing e-commerce pages and products

  • Setting shipping rules and delivery options

  • Updating information on your website

  • Adding new pages, images, documents, products and video

  • Stock control 

  • Adding website analytics and viewing the results

  • Curating marketing databases and linking new data to them

  • Getting your website showing in search engine results

  • Setting up social media pages and profiles connected to your website

  • Scheduling social media posts

  • Creating direct marketing emails

  • How to troubleshoot your website when problems arise

All of this is designed to support you in one final goal: giving you ownership and control of your website.

Support packages can be ad-hoc, undertaken as a monthly rolling contract, as a one day session or longer if necessary. It is all dependent on your needs! 


Because all websites are different, so will the support requirements be. The below pricing is to be used as a guideline before enquiring, so please get in touch to discuss your support needs.


All initial consultations are always completely free of charge and all quotes are produced with no obligation and any agreed contract is rolling - so you can cancel at any time.

As Required

You don't need to commit to a whole day of learning, or to a monthly contract to benefit from support from RE:Web Services. If you have an issue that needs fixing with your website or social media sites - get in touch! 

Our Ad-hoc pricing is £35.00 per hour, with reductions for returning customers.

Ideal for the occasions when you need an answer, but don't have the time to waste trawling the internet for it. We will also follow up with a 'resolution email' so you know what to do next time.


Want to make sure there's support on hand while you are getting yourself familiar with your website? A monthly contract includes 8 hours of support to be spread across one month as and when you need it. Monthly support costs £200.00, with considerations for discounts on longer term contracts. With a monthly contract, if your requirements change and a day or weekly session is necessary, you can incorporate either package to your monthly plan at a discounted price.

Day Tutorial

Got a list of questions and need someone to answer them? A day tutorial is the perfect way to find the solutions to your problems and to get you to a place that you'll be confident moving forward. Day tutorials are best carried out in person to make the most of your time, but virtual sessions can be arranged too. For £200.00 per day, you'll also receive a 'resolution email' so that you can use it for reference later down the line and you'll be eligible for discounted ad-hoc services if ever needed.

Longer Sessions

'Rome wasn't built in a day', so why should your online empire be any different? Longer support tutorials are available to make sure you get to grips with every element of your online presence, leaving time to practice under guidance and address queries as they arise. You'll have the undivided attention of RE:Web Services for the duration of your tutorial, which is best carried out in person, but virtual sessions can be arranged. Longer sessions are priced on enquiry so do get in touch.


Need Something Else?

Think you need something outside of the packages above, or have something else in mind that hasn't been mentioned? Get in touch to discuss your needs and find the right support package for your business.

Call: 07851 125655


Or click here to complete a contact form.

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