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Maintaining Your Website:

Do you have the time in your schedule to maintain your website?

For some businesses the answer is no and this leaves you looking for someone to do it for you. You need to find the right person to place your trust in and to know exactly what your business needs. RE:Web Services endeavours to dedicate the time and effort to the same standard you would, making sure that you can spend your time focusing your efforts on all the other aspects of your business without worrying, You'll know your website is left in good hands. You can read more about the beliefs and focus of RE:Web Services on our About Page.

No more call queues, no more 2-4 day lead times on an email response, no automated services, no trawling through forums and blogs. Speak to a human when you need to reach them and turn your thoughts into actions.

Whether it is keeping on top of new products available in your online store, seasonal menu changes, new services to be advertised, or anything else you need to publicise through your online presence, maintenance packages remove the stress of figuring out how to do this yourself - or worse - losing custom because these changes haven't been made.

An updated website is a happy website, and when you make changes not only will your existing customers appreciate that you want to keep them in the loop, but new customers will have more chance of finding you through search engine results.

Maintenance packages are available to all RE:Web Services customers, whether your website was designed with us or not.

Because all websites are different, so will the maintenance requirements be. The below pricing is to be used as a guideline before enquiring, so please get in touch to discuss your maintenance needs.


All initial consultations are always completely free of charge and all quotes are produced with no obligation and any agreed contract is rolling - so you can cancel at any time.


 Basic maintenance packages are designed for small websites with under 6 pages. Maintenance is likely to include image and copy updates, changes to things like menus, opening times, special offers and seasonal service changes. A quick call or an email will get these changes in place quickly and won't require time out of your schedule to make small changes that have a big impact.

Basic Maintenance starts at

£60.00 per month.


E-Commerce maintenance packages are designed for websites that sell goods online. Maintenance is likely to include adding new products, stock control, price changes and new product categories. Whether you have 20 or 200 products available for sale, this package will make sure that your online store is up to date and your products are being found online. 

E-Commerce Maintenance starts at £150.00 per month.


Content maintenance packages are designed for websites that will need to be regularly updated to show your work. This could be a blog, portfolio or resource website and will likely include page updates, document and image uploads as well as content and copy creation.  This package is ideal if you want to focus on user engagement and a consistent online presence, or want to test out new ideas and need assistance implementing them.

Content Maintenance starts at £100.00 per month.


Marketing Maintenance packages are designed for businesses that want to take advantage of direct and social media marketing. It is likely to include curating a reliable and compliant database and creating eye-catching and sales-driven campaigns to capture sales, alongside reviewing your social media audience and setting up scheduling tools to free up more time. Helping to use your social media reach more effectively and efficiently.

Marketing Maintenance starts at £150.00 per month.

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Need Something Else?

Think you need to mix and match the packages above, or have something else in mind that hasn't been mentioned? Get in touch to discuss your needs and find the right maintenance package for your business.

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