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Keeping Your Data Secure

Do you understand your business data, how to use it and how to keep it safe?

We're all living in a digital world, and the data era has opened the door to the current age of analytics, and for good reason. Your business can only function to the best of it's ability if your data is accurate, complete and secure.


Your business data can make day-t0-day tasks more efficient; it can link activities and events to attendees, it can help with invoicing and financial recording keeping, it can allow staff to book holidays and sync calendars, it can create usage reports and analytics, or simply provide you with contact information you require to reach out to someone directly. Your user data can drive sales or fundraising; keeping you in touch with your customers, generating sales and allowing you to extend offers to existing and new customers alike.

But with good data comes great responsibility. The month of April 2020 - when GDPR was the subject of every email you received - may seem like a distant memory, but the new regulations framed how much we think about ways our data is used. For many people digital privacy is a valid concern, and your business should be making it a priority.


Whether you're looking for new software, different methods for data processing, or want a data security health check RE:Web Services is here to help make sure you are processing data efficiently, securely and within the remit of the GDPR - wherever you are in your data journey.

Database Solutions

Looking to start working with, or move your data to a new database? RE:Web Services will thoroughly assess your needs to determine the best next step for your business. We believe that keeping data safe is just as important as keeping costs down, so we'll always try to recommend the best software for your business by searching for existing software solutions, rather than mounting costs for development. Once we've found the solution we will work closely with you to correctly implement your database, including training for you and your business or organisation. Whether you're a small business, a charity or a side hustle - we can make your data work for you, efficiently and securely.

GDPR  Documentation

Every business that uses personal data needs to have a GDPR policy. That's right. every. business. Even if the most you do is jot down name and phone number - that's data and you have a responsibility to protect it. RE:Web Services can assess your data usage and create a supporting GDPR document to make sure you are always compliant, and can assist with ICO registrations. We're happy to offer advice on your data collection and storage methods too, in case we spot anything you might be missing in your processes. We can also assist with constructing and implementing terms of sale for e-commerce websites as well as terms of service, privacy and cookie notices for functional websites.

Marketing Guidelines

You guessed it, direct marketing means user data. Long gone are the days of unsolicited emails hitting your inbox - but thats down to regulations - not a sudden show of conscience. However, RE:Web Services has found that the new regulations put a lot of small businesses off using direct marketing to get in touch with their customers, in case they were doing something wrong. RE:Web Services will work with you to determine your needs and provide appropriate solutions to get your message to your target audience while making sure you're treating their data safely and with their consent. Once you're up and running, we can create mailshots too - find out more about that here.

Cyber Security

You've created your GDPR, terms of service and cookie notice documentation, your happy with how you store and use user data, you're registered with the ICO and you know your marketing procedures are up to scratch. Excellent! The last thing you need to tick off your list is your cyber security credentials. Whether you're looking to register yourself with the cyber essential initiative, or just want to be certain you're taking the right steps to keep your data, devices and software safe - RE:Web Services can take you through the checklist that will keep your business secure against cyber security threats and assist you in correctly implementing any required changes we come across.

Proud to partner with:

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"The modern CRM for charities. Easy to use. Cloud based. Flexible enough for anything."


RE:Web Service is proud to partner with Beacon. Working closely with the team at Beacon, RE:Web Services has undergone rigorous training on their database software that's making waves in the industry. Beacon are rated 5/5 for customer service, 100% of respondents would recommend them and they were ranked number 1 in Fundraising Magazine's 2022 CRM survey. Choosing Beacon is highly recommended for charities looking for databases that prioritise security, safety and customisation.


What's better than reliable software, that's user friendly, completely dynamic and a social enterprise? Having RE:Web Services implement it for you. Want to know more? Get in touch with RE:Web Services, or visit Beacon to learn more.


Need Something Else?

Think you need something outside of the packages above, or have something else in mind that hasn't been mentioned? Get in touch to discuss your needs and find the right support package for your business.

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