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Pinpointing your needs and creating solutions.

Together we will decide the best course of action for your website keeping your priorities in mind. Whether it's budget, urgency or function RE:Web Services understands that every business is different and that every website creation will be too. Initial consultation is always free of charge and any samples are created for you with no obligation. 

Consultations can be carried out in person, over phone or video calls and even through email exchange - however you feel most comfortable. The aim is to allow you to be as involved or as hands off as you desire and to have your say every step of the way

RE:Web services can work with any existing websites, whether you are looking for a rebrand, additional content, or moving into e-commerce there's a solution for your needs.


Businesses help to create a community.


Every business deserves a website to be proud of.

Research has shown that up to 56% of people will not trust a company that doesn't have a website. That's a lot of potential customers to be missing out on. Small businesses may believe that they do not have the time, resources or budget to develop their online presence and RE:Web Services exists to prove that this is not the case.

The core belief is a dedication to helping businesses to reach their potential. Every enterprise should be able to take advantage of the fact that websites offer a better return on investment than any other form of advertising.

Presentation is paramount in all aspects of business. Window displays, logos, customer service, company vehicles, business cards all contribute to success -  you deserve a website that does the same. 


Giving you ownership & control of your website.

There are 5,824,500 small businesses in the UK and approximately 4.2 million people are registered as self-employed. These are all businesses & individuals that create employment opportunities, have reinvigorated our high streets and keep the channels of our economy flowing. 

Online presences help businesses and individuals communicate with customers and each other. Not many of us carry business cards for services we have used to recommend to others, and a website is the most efficient way to access information with little more than a company name to go on.

Every business with a physical address & a website creates a location marker in your area, and gives customers a reason to visit. The more destinations in an area, the more footfall it is likely to receive and suddenly the community is benefitting from new custom. Every company website that gets created has the opportunity to boost every other business around it and communities can flourish.

While maintenance packages are available with RE:Web Services for businesses that don't have the resources or confidence to manage a website once it has been completed, if you want to learn how to use all the features available to you - independence is always encouraged and supported!

Do you want to know how to access your websites analytics and understand how that information can be used to monitor performance and make changes? Do you want to know how to make those changes to your own website? Is adding new products available for sale proving difficult? Whatever you want to tackle, supporting businesses to improve their websites is what RE:Web Services is all about and giving you the tools to support yourself is just as important as doing it for you. 

Whether it's a quick call to guide you through a feature or a day working together to get you up to speed with some online housekeeping - developing your own skills is a great way to keep your website supported.

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About Me:

My name is Rachael Elizabeth Woodard and I am the founder of RE:Web Services and I am based in Saxmundham, Suffolk.

I am a proud recipient of a degree in Fashion Journalism (B.A Hons) from the University of the Creative Arts, and excelled in both the copy writing and the graphic design elements of this pursuit. My final year saw me producing a full 89 page magazine from scratch - allowing me to really hone-in on my craft and discover how much fun can be had when creating stunning, functional and informative bodies of work. It also opened the door for me to have had the opportunity to work as part of the team on the redesign of both the Harvey Nichols e-commerce website and The Sun's 'Fabulous' Magazine's news and lifestyle webpage, as well as contributing to multiple other print and virtual publications.

Since graduating, my professional life has seen me working primarily in web administration and e-commerce. It has given me the opportunity to develop technical skills such as site SEO, curating marketing databases, determining GDPR best practices, website and social media troubleshooting as well as product & content creation.

RE:Web Services was born of the desire to combine the two - a passion for design and content creation, with the technical knowledge to support it. 

I have a real drive to help others succeed and realise their potential. Working closely with clients to create something special is so fulfilling and seeing what can be achieved with good communication and understanding people's needs has endless rewards. My personality type is a Protagonist, meaning I strive to have a positive impact on other people and the world around me. There is not much that brings a protagonist a deeper sense of joy and fulfilment than guiding people to grow into their best selves (or their best businesses!) which is what I hope to achieve with RE:Web Services.

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